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Automatic Driving Lessons - Price List


Boost Driving School provide  automatic driving lessons and deliver our driver training in

60 minute, 90 minute or 2 hour lessons


We do recommend the 90 minute lessons, as this provides the ideal learning time


Prices below are for regular weekly lessons


   1 x 60 minute lesson = £35     

1 x 90 minute lesson = £52  

 1 x 120 minute lesson = £70  


10 hour block = £325

saving £25

15 hour block £490

save £35

20 hour block £650

save £50

Complete Package

42 Hours driver training + Test

You're probably a beginner with no prior driving knowledge at all, or very little..

We will cover all aspects of driving to get you test ready at a comfortable pace,

usually 2 hours per week.

What's included?

42 hours of 1-2-1 driver training

2 hours accompanied driving test

Test day vehicle

Managed theory test booking

Managed Driving Test Booking

School app to track your progress

Progressive mock tests


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