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Semi-Intensive Driving Courses
An accelerated course for those looking to learn at a faster pace

Almost Test Ready

10 Hours

Perfect if you're almost test ready, but need to polish up in a couple of areas.

Usually conducted over 10-12 days


15 hours

You are confident in most aspects of your drive but are struggling to master some areas


Conducted over 2-3 weeks

Half-way There

20 hours

You're about halfway there,

got good control skills but need to learn the advance skills

Conducted over 3-4 weeks

Got The Basics

30 Hours

You have the basics but still have the key areas to learn and


Usually conducted over 6-7 weeks

Just Starting Out

35 hours

You've started lessons and can get the car moving and some basic control skills


Usually conducted over 7-8 weeks


40 hours

You are a beginner but may have some idea about driving but are committed and learn quickly

Conducted over 9-10 weeks

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Absolute Beginner

45 Hours

You're an absolute beginner with no prior driving knowledge at all.

We will cover all areas of driving to get you test ready at a comfortable but faster pace

Usually conducted over 11-12 weeks

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