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Client Reviews


Daisy - - Passed her test in March 2024

I had my driving lessons with Pam and I couldn’t thank her enough, as a nervous driver Pam was always calm and made me feel comfortable every lesson, and took time to explain things perfectly, which is why I enjoyed all of my lessons. It really was the best experience and I couldn’t have done it without Pam so thank you! I would reccomend highly.


Beth - - Passed her test in December 2023

After lessons with two driving instructors I’d started to give up, Pam was my final try, and this morning i passed my test which i never though was possible!

Pam has been super patient with me whilst learning and answered all my questions, and found any answers i wasn’t sure on, I’m going to miss our Wednesday chats (but not the early mornings!)

Thank you for everything Pam, I couldn’t have done it without you!

Hannah Mills.jpg

Hannah - - Passed her test in December 2023

Passed my test this morning with the amazing instruction from Tim. I recommend Boost Driving School to anyone wanting to learn to drive. I am a very anxious person and Tim helped ease my anxiety with fabulous instruction. Thank you so much!


Erin said

I had my driving lessons with Tim and 100% would not have passed without him he was always very calm and chatty I always felt comfortable on my lesson, he was very accommodating when it came to when I could do my lessons because of work and just recently having a baby. Could not recommend someone enough if you’re thinking about getting your licence. Thankyou boost driving school :)


Ruby - - Passed her test in September 2023

Whilst I was learning how to drive Tim was very patient and stayed calm in all situations and talks you through whatever you are struggling with, he made me feel confident from the First day I got in the car with him and he always believed I could do it even when I didn’t think so and I will miss our weekly catch ups. Thank you for everything.

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Lauren - - Passed her test in June 2023

Highly recommend Pam!

Passed my test a few months ago with the help of Pam. She eased my nerves after having bad luck with other instructors. Explained everything so well and I enjoyed all my lessons. She’s super friendly and her guidance was amazing.

Also had a Mock test with Tim, again would recommend as he explained everything and gave me great advice/help.

Great service and worth every penny


Codie - - Passed her test in May 2023

At the beginning I was a really nervous driver but after my first lesson I felt so relaxed. I had the pleasure of being taught by both Pam and Tim. I couldn’t thank them both enough for what they have done for me. They both made my driving journey the most enjoyable experience. I really am going to miss our lessons. I would recommend them both to everyone! Thank you both so much for what you have helped me achieve


Nazma - - Passed her test in February 2023

I had two different driving instructors before I came to Tim, before I met Tim I was ready to give up, he brought my confident back up after a few hours with him and it just got better and better by the day, he always showed up on time or even a few minutes before, ready for the lesson, Tim was always happy so that made me more confident driving, I was always looking forward to the next driving lesson! very grateful to have met Tim


Emily - - Passed her test in February 2023

After coming from a previous instructor, Tim made me feel comfortable and confident behind the wheel just after a few lessons. He was very encouraging and and made me feel at ease if I was struggling with certain things. I highly recommend boost driving school, thank you so much Tim!!

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Kyle - - Passed his test in December 2022

After having a few different driving instructors which I failed to get my driving licence with, I came across boost. Tim was brilliant from start to finish and gave me the confidence I needed to finally get my licence. I can’t recommend them enough.


 Rebecca -- Passed her test in August 2022


I’d like to say a big thankyou to Tim for being a great driving instructor. With all your help and support I’ve managed to pass my test first time which I was very chuffed about! Tim has helped me to build my confidence each lesson and now I’m really looking forward to getting out there on the roads. I would definitely recommend boost driving school to anyone who is wanting to learn! Thankyou again! I’ve had a great experience learning to drive with you!


 Kyle -- Passed his test in August 2022


I recently just passed my driving test with the lovely Pam at my side. I couldn't recommend learning with Boost more than enough. Pam is super patient and really brought the confidence out in me. Tim even came out on a mock test with me which was really valuable. Thank you Boost!

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Samantha -- Passed her test May 2022


 Had the best experience with boost driving school. Wouldn’t of been able to do it without Tim, I would like to say thank you for all your help. I’ve built so much confidence with my driving in a short amount of time and finally passed, Thank you so much


Laura -- Passed her test April 2022


Both Pam and Tim are amazing and i 100% couldn’t have passed my test without them! I’ve never had much confidence with my driving but they both believed in me and were so patient and reassuring. Can’t thank them enough for all their help! They are also extremely reliable, I would highly recommend Boost Driving School!


Rebecca -- Passed her test April 2022

Pam and Tim are extremely patient, no question is too daft, they really do build up your confidence by focusing on the positives and encourage working through things you struggle with step by step and help you understand the reasoning behind it. I passed my third time but was more than ready the first time I was put in for my test, I was just extremely nervous. I couldn’t of found better instructors if I tried! Highly recommend 


Charli -- Passed her test March 2022

Can’t recommend Tim enough. The most kind, relaxing and patient instructor you could ask for!
It took me 3 attempts to pass my test due to my nerves getting the better of me with all the anxiety I had about driving, but each and every time he convinced me to not give up and believed in me until I believed in myself.

Never made me feel stupid or embarrassed to ask any questions as he is more than willing to inform you on anything bothering you. Has so must trust in you which makes you trust yourself and is always eager to tell you everything you’re doing well on!

Whether you’re confident or not so confident it doesn’t matter because you will be made to feel comfortable and capable either way. Had so many laughs along the way and although I’m thrilled to have passed my test it is bitter sweet because I will miss his company! Thank you so much Tim!


Holly -- Passed her test October 2021

Tim was such an amazing instructor I would 1000% recommend him to any new drivers! He made me feel so comfortable and really built my confidence up. I passed 1st time with his help


Leah -- Passed her test August 2021

Wouldn’t have passed my test without the help of Tim, SO SO patient! The best, would recommend to anyone!

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Jess -- Passed test July 2021

“Couldn’t have asked for a better driving instructor! Tim was patient, kind and we had a few laughs along the way.

Never felt embarrassed to ask a question and felt I progressed quickly because of the confidence instilled from him.

I’ve passed first time and couldn’t be happier, and feel it’s all because I had such a great instructor in Tim.

Thankyou so so much !”

Dylan pass.jpg

Dylan -- Passed test Dec 2020

Came after failing my test twice previously due to severe anxiety, failed in my attempts to pass for 5 years before coming to Pam, super friendly and relaxing & helped make instant improvements, finally passed this week after 6 years! Highly recommend especially if you're an anxious driver/person 

Mel's pass.jpg

Megan -- Nov 2020

I can not thank Pam enough for all the help and support I got from her to enable me to pass my driving test today, couldnt have done it without u and would highly recommend this driving school. #best around not just a great driving instructor but will forever be a good friend. Thank u again for making what I thought the impossible, come true.


Megan -- Oct 2020

Cannot recommend Boost Driving school enough. I had lessons with Pam after coming from another instructor. I was so anxious and a very nervous driver. Pam was so patient with me and took the time to explain everything in a way i understood. I went from thinking i would never be able to drive to passing first time with one minor! Thank you so much Pam!! xxx

Chloe Pass.jpg

Chloe -- Oct 2020

Honestly I cannot thank Pam enough for being so so amazing with me. I passed my driving test today 1st attempt after 3 other instructors and no confidence what so ever. Pam has made me calm and confident and I honestly could not thank her enough. And also Tim for coming on my mock tests! If you are a nervous hesitant driver I would 1000000% recommend Pam once again thank you so so much!!

Beth Pass.jpg

Bethanie -- Oct 2020


Such a great service, and I loved every minute of driving with Tim, he knows how to push you in the right way, so that you learn everything fast and easy , would highly recommend

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