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Welcome to Semi-intensive

Not everyone wants to learn to drive over numerous weeks 

You need to learn faster for a new job, to give you better options. You may like to learn when there's a little more pressure or just want to get on with it.

What ever your reason some semi-intensive training with Boost Driving School may be the answer

Semi-intensive training is a faster route to get ready in preparation for your driving test. Bear in mind these are not CRASH courses, we are not teaching you to drive in a week or send you to your driving test when you are clearly not ready.

After you've decided which course is for you (we can help), get in touch, we'll arrange a quick get together to discuss your plan. 


There's a few things you need to think about prior to booking


  • Is your driving licence valid?  

  • You must have passed your theory before the course commences

  • Is your theory still valid?

  • You'll need to be pretty flexible with lesson times - or - be prepared to make yourself available

  • Payment for Semi-intensive courses are paid in full on booking and is non-refundable.

  • For missed or stopped lessons payments are non-refundable.

  • Training is a 2 way street, literally, the more YOU put in the more YOU get out

  • We will not present you for test if we do not think you are ready

  • The cost of your driving test is not included (see below)

  • Can you learn at the completion rate we suggest?

  • We allow 1 hour for the driving test from the course but you can add on an extra hour for the test at £35

Driving Test Fee

The DVSA driving test fee are not included in the course prices, you can book the test yourself for after the course has finished OR we can book and manage your test on your behalf. The DVSA test fee is currently £62 weekdays or £75 weekends, if we manage this for you our fee is £12.


Get in touch today - by Text, Phone or Email

Phone or text to 07710244552

email -


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