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Hello and welcome

Thank you for your enquiry about joining Boost for your driving lessons or driving course

Below is some information about how Boost Driving School operate, and hopefully will answer any questions you may have. If it doesn't please message us and we'll do our best to answer you query.


Availability for lessons changes almost on a daily basis, pupils pass their test, away on holidays or after the covid pandemic are waiting for their test date to come around.

We do try to keep you to the same lesson day and time each week, although that is not always possible, if you work on an irregular shift pattern we will do our best to accommodate shift changes where we can.

If we offer an initial starting lesson date and time, we will hold that offer for 72 hours, after which if not accepted, that lesson slot will be offered to other prospective pupils. 

Lesson Length

At Boost we encourage 90-minute lessons as these provide the best learning window, although we do provide lessons in 1 hour or 2-hour lengths if requested.

Your initial lesson with Boost will be 2 hours, after which the lesson length is up to you.

The initial lesson cost is £55 it's non-refundable and is payable upon booking

Initial Lesson

The initial lesson varies in style

For brand new drivers the initial lesson is based around getting used to the vehicle, it's controls, safety features plus covering setting off and stopping etc

For partially trained pupils swapping from other driving schools, returning to driving after some time away or driving test recovery, after getting used to the vehicle will include a full assessment of where you are at with your driving.


Boost Driving School takes payment for lessons in advance.

Payment for the Initial lesson (£55) is taken at time of booking and is non-refundable.

Subsequent lessons are to be paid for 48 hours prior to your lesson, when the lesson reminder text is sent received. Payments can be made by bank transfer, PayPal, cash (after initial lesson payment) or credit/debit card over the phone or by an invoice link, we also accept card payments in car during your lesson.

Student App

Boost Driving School will provide you with free access to our Driving School App to assist you track your learning, plus giving you access to learning resources, next lesson information, progress tracking plus much more...


07710 244552  (text is best - we'll get back to you

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